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Men's Aran 1/2 Zipper Sweater


■ Crafted with 100% Merino Wool that guarantees cozy and long-lasting wear 
■ Timeless Aran, Honeycomb and Cable Stitching that artistically combines meaning with beauty 
■ Raised collar and half zipper for additional convenience and a dose of sportiness
■ Available in two versatile colors, Derby and White 
■ Sizes range from XS to XXL so everyone can find their ideal fit 



The perfect mix of sportiness, tradition, and masculinity, this Men's Merino Wool Aran 1/2 Zipper Sweater is great for a man who enjoys Irish style pieces that bring out his rugged edge! This Irish Aran sweater is made of 100% luxuriously soft yet durable Merino wool, which is crafted to form the masculine silhouette and dimensions of this charming piece.

Authentic Aran stitching that includes basket, cable, and honeycomb patterns adorn this sweater from top to bottom, lending both meaning and beauty. Basket patterns represent the baskets of Aran Island fishermen and hope that they would have plentiful catches. Resembling the ropes these fishermen used in their work, the cable patterns signified wishes for safe, fruitful voyages for these piscators.

The intricate honeycomb design honors the dedicated worker bees of the Aran Islands and symbolized hard work. Adding some sporty edge and breathability to the sweater is a half zipper feature, which seamlessly blends with the distinguished raised collar. Finalizing the sweater with a clean, sharp feel is a ribbed trim on the raised collar, cuffs, and hem.

This Aran half zip sweater makes a wonderful holiday gift that can be worn with casual or formal looks!