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Ladies Aran Tunic Sweater

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■ Available in sizes XS through XXL, our Ladies Aran Tunic Sweater is a beautiful and contemporary interpretation of a classic Irish style.

■ The crewneck sweater features a lovely Aran stitch pattern and comes in three classic colors: grey, natural, and navy.

■ A ribbed border hits at the hip of the sweater, and delicate ribbing also decorates the wrists and neckline.

■ SAOL’s Merino wool blend is designed for ultimate softness and durability, and it makes the sweater an elegant layering piece for cooler months.

■ We recommend prolonging the life of your garment by washing it in lukewarm water with a mild detergent and drying it flat.



Aran sweaters are a staple of Irish design, and no trip to the Emerald Isle is complete without bringing home one or two. Our Ladies Aran Tunic Sweater is made in Ireland, and it is a wonderful example of authentic Irish knitting without the cost of a vacation. Made by Saol, the lovely tunic sweater is a beautifully modern take on a classic Irish look.

The Aran sweater is iconic, but its history only goes back a little over 100 years. Around that time, locals on the Aran Islands began knitting the heavy, itchy garments to keep them warm and dry while fishing in the Atlantic Ocean. Before the advent of Gore-Tex, the Islanders had to get creative to stay dry, but luckily they had access to sheep’s wool, which was rich in lanolin, a naturally produced oil that, when the yarn was knitted tightly, would cause garments to repel water. Even the honeycomb and cable patterns that have become so famous served a purpose—the extra knitting added extra bulk and warmth to the sweater for frigid days on the freezing ocean.

Though no longer necessary for long fishing trips, Aran sweaters are prized worldwide for their distinctive look and of course, for their coziness. Our lovely ladies crewneck features a delightful honeycomb pattern on the front, back, and sleeves of the sweater, accentuated by V-shaped stitching on the sides. Delicate ribbing at the wrists, bottom, and neck add to the durability of the sweater. Available in light grey, natural white, and navy, this stylish classic sweater is a perfect and wonderful addition to any wardrobe, and its Merino wool blend makes it wonderfully soft. Keep your piece of Irish culture in good shape by washing it by hand using gentle detergent and lukewarm water.