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Belleek Classic Shamrock Salt & Pepper

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  • The hand-painted clover motif is beautiful and impressive, a symbolic connection to the Irish religious history
  • The use of the embossed basket weave design is a designer’s masterstroke, giving the product its beauty and identity
  • The ergonomic shape is both unique, classy and practical, spacious enough to store sufficient amounts of either salt or pepper
  • The beautiful classic shamrock salt and pepper shaker measures 3.25 tall
  • The gorgeous piece of art is a product of the remarkable and world renown Belleek pottery.


Manufacturer: Belleek China

A well-arranged, organized and displayed dinner setting always sets the tone of a sumptuous, exciting, and exciting mealtimes with friends and family. Our meals are incomplete without additives that add flavor and taste, to make the meal more palatable and enticing. Salt is one of the essential ingredients in any meal, the basis of any food on display. Another additive that adds touch, taste, and flavor to a lot of food products is pepper. How the salt or pepper displayed on a dinner set is also crucial, whether it is for impressing the guests or for ease of use. Our incredibly gorgeous Belleek Classic Shamrock Salt and Pepper shaker is the ultimate tool to store salt and pepper for any dinner setting.
Rounded salt and pepper shakers are a great addition to the dinner table when you are looking to add elegance and practicability to the occasion, and it is what our delicate, beautiful and outstanding Belleek Classic Shamrock Salt and Pepper shaker brings to the table.
Add this marvelous piece of art to your collection of kitchen wear, that although simple, is an artistic masterstroke.
The beautiful salt and pepper shaker are a combination of intricate design and style from one of the most skilled and experienced artisans at Belleek Pottery. Although miniature in size compared to other products manufactured from the tremendous and prestigious pottery firm, every little detail of this gorgeous product is crafted from the most skilled hands.
A simple product a result of the genius minds at Belleek, the beautiful pepper and salt shaker is ultimately impressive, the perfect addition to any dinner setting no matter the occasion.
The designer of this little marvel embraces the use of Parian China, a design that beautifully resembles the appearance of marble sculpture in its glory and class.
The wickerwork detailing reflects Ireland’s vast and rich history of traditional basket weaving, giving this marvelous piece a deep connection to the Irish traditions and culture.
The beautiful classic shamrock salt and pepper shaker is a product of one of Ireland’s oldest fine china and porcelain manufacture’s-Belleek. The company is regarded as the oldest of its kind in Ireland, with its intricate, delicate and outstanding products at one time catching the eye of the high and mighty, including the British royalty. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert marveled at the beauty of Belleek’s products, terming them as their favorites.
The basket weave pattern used in the product is one OF Belleek's oldest and most famous porcelain designs. Inspired by wickerwork baskets used in Ireland for centuries, the model was first developed in the 1880s and has become a staple for Belleek's tableware collection. The design is both suited for both exceptional dining experiences as well as everyday use.
Shamrocks are beautifully painted to the sides of the beautiful pieces. Shamrocks are Ireland’s most recognizable national symbols, and they represent good luck and Ireland’s natural green splendor.

Product Features We Adore

Hand-Painted Design

Beautiful shamrock detailing rendered by master artists

Parian China

Designed to give the appearance of marble sculpture

Wickerwork Detailing

Reflecting Ireland's history of traditional basket weaving

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