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Salt and Pepper thistle-Scottish Weave


■ This Salt and Pepper Shaker set is crafted from high-quality bone china, a material known for its chip resistance and durability, ensuring both aesthetic charm and longevity. 
■ The shakers are adorned with a distinguished thistle design, a prominent symbol of Scotland that embodies bravery, strength, pride, and tradition. 
■ Enhancing the shakers' aesthetic, intricate Scottish weave patterns with a vibrant palette of colors adorn the surface 
■ With a diameter of 7" and a height of 3 1/8" these Scottish shakers hold a substantial volume of salt and pepper. 


Bring some Scottish spirit and history to your dinner parties with this Scottish Weave Thistle Salt and Pepper Set. 

These salt and pepper shakers come in a soft white base in a smooth cylindrical shape that is beautifully decorated with a multi-colored Celtic Knot design featuring jewel-toned hues of red, green, yellow, and blue. At the top of each shaker is the phrase “The Scottish Thistle” in a charming Celtic font accented with dashes of blue, red, and yellow, and featured front and center on each shaker against a tan background is a Scottish thistle flower with a blue bulb, lavender petals, and two bold green leaves flanking the sides.

The Scottish Thistle is the national flower of Scotland, and it has an interesting history. Legend has it that it came to be the nation’s flower when a Viking invader stepped on one and made a cry that alerted Scottish fighters to danger, helping them defeat the invasion.

Make this lovely shaker set a festive addition to your dining décor!