You know that you’ve got one of the best Christmas sweaters ever. It’s the most gorgeous… or tacky … or ugly Christmas sweater ever made. Whatever it is, you love it and it’s yours.

You can’t wait to wear it to your yearly family Christmas get-together to show it off to Aunt Betty, Uncle Charlie and all your nieces and nephews. And you also are dying to wear it to your Christmas office party because none of your professional colleagues have anything like your sweater.

But, believe it or not, it’s actually possible to make your amazing Christmas sweater even better. All it takes are the right accessories. In fact, the right accessories—chosen wisely and deftly matched and placed correctly—can even make a humdrum non-Christmas sweater into a truly special Christmas sweater.

Start off with a Christmas brooch pinned to your sweater, surely the easiest and most noticeable way to add some Christmas spirit to your outfit. offers trinity brooches like this Shamrock Cameo brooch, or this Connemara marble brooch by Solvar Jewelry, that reminds of the religious significance of Christmas Day and does the trick. Solvar, a family-owned company based in Dublin, has been known for its high-quality design and manufacture of Destination and Heritage jewelry for decades.


You can also find brooches, as well as necklaces and earrings, designed with just about any of the myriad Christmas symbols imaginable. Snowflakes, wreaths, stockings, and reindeer—any of these would convert your non-Christmas sweater and turn it into something seasonal, or take your Christmas sweater to the next level.



A fiery red scarf made of Irish wool or a chunky Aran knit scarf can also brighten up a sweater and give it a dash of Christmas color. Pair it with some Christmas brooches and you’ll be ready for the holiday season.

The color scheme can be used in a variety of clothing pieces to give a Christmas lift to your sweater. Plus, even if you don’t have an awesome Christmas sweater, hats, capes, shawls, jackets and the like, designed in festive green or red, easily makes your ho-hum sweater the life of the Christmas party.


Maybe you want to give a dose of levity to your outfit, or simply spice up your work apparel at the office? How about a blazer or Aran wool cape, to be worn over your sweater, with a hilarious design of sequined gingerbread men, satiny Christmas tree ornaments, or comical reindeer?

Now that you’re really in the spirit, consider some outlandish ways to accessorize for Christmas. You may need to put a battery in your pocket for this one, but what about wrapping your sweater in a string of battery-powered Christmas lights? You’ll certainly be the “most lit” partygoer this season.


Multi-colored battery powered LED lights from Cylapex.

Multi-colored battery powered LED lights from Cylapex.


Maybe take a trip into the deepest recesses of your attic and dig out the most dated, tacky Christmas tree ornaments you can find. Then attach those to your sweater. You’ll definitely be a real eye-catcher.

For a woodsy appearance, consider buying a cheap bag of green Christmas tree tinsel or garland and making it into a hat. You’ll probably need some tape and glue, but at this point, you’re not really going for style points as you are for the biggest laugh of the night.

And then there’s the quickest, easiest way of all to make your non-Christmas sweater and outfit fit into the Christmas season. It may not be the most original, but it’s one that can take the day. Just pull a Santa hat on your head!




Tell us how you plan to accessorize yourself this holiday season in the comments, and don’t forget to visit for more accessory inspiration!

Initially published on Dec 10, 2019


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