Find the wool that suits you best: differences between Merino, Super Soft Merino, Worsted, Lamb and Regular Wool

Find the wool that suits you best: differences between Merino, Super Soft Merino, Worsted, Lamb and Regular Wool

Posted by Timea Fekete on 1st Feb 2023

The cold season is all about the magic holidays, the amazing sports activities and some time off work that you can enjoy with your loved ones. But during these times, we all have to consider the cold weather and find a way to stay warm and cozy. Choosing clothes that are made out of wool is probably the best decision for this time of year, but how do we choose the exact type that best suits us and the activities we love? In this article, we will do our best to help you find the right wool for you. To understand the differences between types of wool, we will look at what animal they come from and the technique used for treating the wool.We are comparing Merino, Super Soft Merino, Worsted, Lamb and Regular Wool. Read along and get ready to feel like an expert the next time you go shopping for your sweaters and cardigans.

Merino Wool

We are starting with the type of wool that we love and feature widely in our knitwear collections. Merino Wool is so special because it is sourced only from a specific type of animal: the merino sheep. After the wool is shorn, it goes through the processes of scouring, carding and spinning, being refined and knit into stunning garments. Merino knits are a great choice for any season because merino wool is a breathable material, with odor resisting properties and it feels very comfortable and soft on the skin. Getting yourself a merino wool Aran sweater will be the perfect way to stay stylish while being warm and comfortable on any busy day. Merino wool is also used for hiking gear and other types of activewear as well, so if you’re a sporty one, this wool would also be for you.

Men's Half-Zip Aran Fisherman Sweater

Super Soft Merino Wool

Keeping in mind the processes we previously talked about, let’s take a look at Super Soft Merino and how it is different from regular merino. Coming from the same merino sheep, the difference is made in the process of spinning. Super Soft merino wool goes through an extra spinning process that decreases the number of microns in the material resulting in even finer fibers and hence softer garments. A super soft merino wool sweater will make sure you benefit from the same odor resisting, breathable and warm properties, but you are enjoying a more luxuriously soft feel. Even if you are not a wool person, you can try the Supersoft Merino Sweaters, and you will be impressed by their non-scratching, amazingly soft feel.

SuperSoft Merino Wool Chunky Cable Cowl Sweater

Worsted Wool

This type of wool can be shorn from different sheep breeds, so its particularities are found in the way it is made. Added to scouring and spinning, when making worsted wool there is also an extra step- combing. Before spinning it, worsted fibers are laid in the same direction in longer strands and combed instead of carded. This takes the air out, smooths out the fibers and gives this type of wool a lightweight feel. Worsted wool has the same warmth properties as merino, but it is more water resistant and will hold its shape better over time. You can get yourself a worsted wool throw for a light and cozy feel on your next movie night or a worsted wool knit sweater for extra lightness. Because of the light feel, this type of wool is also great for winter sportswear, ensuring great warmth and comfort.What you should keep in mind is that because this is a sturdier type of wool it also has a scratchier feel to it. If you have sensitive skin, you should probably layer this type of wool on top of other clothes or choose a merino knit instead.

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Lambswool is so special because it comes from the first shearing of a sheep, when it is about 7 months or younger. The breed of sheep is not significant here, lambswool being sourced from many different breeds. This wool’s fibers are smoother and stronger and they also hold more elasticity than older sheep’s wool. The processes are the same as we previously explained, this type of wool being combed just like the worsted one, ensuring a lighter feel. Thanks to the elasticity, smoothness and lightweight of this wool, it makes great top layers. Due to similar processes, lambswool resembles the worsted wool- being lightweight, smooth but a bit scratchier if compared with merino or super soft merino wool. Getting a lambswool shawl as a top layer will give your outfits a smooth and fine look while keeping you warm and being soft to the touch. Lambswool is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve a classy and elegant look while being comfortable and keeping themselves warm.

Lambswool Ladies Shawl

Regular Wool

We’ve got the different types of sheep figured out, we know the processes that wool goes through in order to become the soft garments we love, now it’s time for the easiest part. Regular Wool has no particularity, it can be shorn from any kind of sheep or goat, it follows the main processes and it is just as warm and natural as all other types. Wool will always be the main material when it comes to warm clothes, and regular wool will ensure that you don’t feel cold for sure. However, you will feel a difference in softness.

We explained why different types of wool feel softer than others, and you know which type to choose if you want a super soft feel. But if you don’t have sensitive skin, or you are looking for something to layer on top of other clothes, regular wool will be perfect for you.

The feel of wool

We talked about the different types of wool, the processes they go through and their origins, but when choosing the best wool for you, it is important to know how they feel on your skin. If you want to opt for the softest wool, from the ones presented here, that will be the Super Soft Merino. No itchiness, no scratching and perfect for sensitive skin, this wool will offer you a fine and soft feel, but with a higher price tag than other wool types; if you want to opt in for the softest premium feel, be ready for an upscale purchase. If you opt for a wool that is not as soft to the touch, a great tip would be to wear an extra layer underneath it so your skin doesn’t feel itchy. Wool will always feel warm and strong on your skin, and as much as it is soft and comfortable, it can be itchy at times, but as long as you don’t overwash your wool items and you choose the type that best suits your skin sensitivity, this material will only bring you benefits.

With your new knowledge on wool, you will now be able to choose the best pieces for this season. You can even choose some woolen pieces for the summer, as it is a material that has UV protection and temperature regulating properties. Another benefit of wool is that it’s always sustainable, biodegradable, long lasting and natural, being also an environmentally friendly choice if you want to create less waste. Something else that applies for all types of wool that you should keep in mind is that they have to be washed carefully, so make sure you always read the care instructions. Taking care of your wool garments in the right waywill make sure you can enjoy them for as long as possible. We hope you got some insights into this world of wool and you found something suitable for you. If this article helped you and you want to learn more, you can check out our article about Traditional Aran sweaters and you can take a look at our collection of Aran sweaters. You will find many woolen pieces that you can test your knowledge on.