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The famous Lansdowne Stadium in Dublin is gone now, but thanks to the official Lansdowne rugby and sportswear line proudly stocked here at, it will never be forgotten.

Lansdowne Clothing Made in Ireland

From 1874 - 2007, everyone who ever played rugby there lives on in this tribute, a sporty line produced by the Irish clothing company Traditional Craft. The Lansdowne clothing collection uses only the most premium breathable fabrics (mostly 100% cotton) for its wares. The collection spans rugby jersey and football shirts, as well as cute and colorful polos to make sure they can transition from athletic events to everyday casual wear or athleisure. Beautifully designed and exceptionally well-made, there’s no better way to honor Lansdowne and Irish sporting heritage than to wear one of these! If it’s official Irish sportswear you’re after, look no further than our Lansdowne range of performance wear.

Lansdowne Ireland Hooded Fleeces

In particular, we love their line of fleeces, produced in rich, deep colors and bearing the internationally-recognized label of the Irish rugby team (a trio of beautiful shamrocks) on the left breast, over the heart.

Navy Ireland Adult Front Zipper Hooded Fleece - this dark navy blue colored hooded fleece is beautifully complemented with "Ireland" lettering embroidered across the front in all caps.

Ladies Ireland Front Zipper Hooded Fleece - this cozy and festive hooded fleece for children comes in green color that is beautifully complemented with fuschia-pink borders along the zipper.

Navy Kids Irish Fleece Hoodie - this full zipper hoodie includes pockets for more convenience and warmth.

Our customers love these pieces to bits, and it’s no surprise -- throwing them on while you’re on the go is an easy way to communicate your love and loyalty for Ireland, no matter where you are!

Lansdowne Rugby Shirts Collection

Or, for the rugby-lover in your life -- even if, or especially if, it’s you! -- consider giving the gift of a funky short-sleeved polo shirt from Lansdowne. The highlights of these very popular shirts include their fitted, flattering cut and soft cotton feel, which is kind to even the most sensitive of skin types. Every piece of Irish rugby gear from Lansdowne is marked by the Irish rugby team’s official crest, embroidered with an expert hand on the left-hand side. Made up of three shamrocks, this emblem signifies Irish pride and power -- a must-have pair of values for every sportswoman with a place in her heart for the Emerald Isle! For families of a sporting persuasion, look no further than our wide selection of smart and snazzy children’s Irish rugby outfits. At this point in history, Ireland is proud to have one of the most talented rugby teams in the entire world -- so celebrate the country’s fine sporting tradition by kitting your little one out in one of these numbers, specifically created to echo the appearance of the jerseys worn by the actual team during play!

Lansdowne Irish Rugby Baby Onesies

Designed by Lansdowne, each of these rugby onesies comes complete with the iconic green-and-white horizontal stripes and embroidered three-shamrock shield, the Irish rugby team’s emblem, over the heart. It’s an adorable look, to say the least -- and who knows? This might just be the garment that inspires a lifelong love of Irish sport in its tiny wearer. For another great option for the little ones, consider snapping up one of our premium-quality Lansdowne baby onesies.

Baby Ireland Polo Shamrock Vest - this gorgeous and sweet baby onesie comes in a crisp white cotton with hunter green stripe trim details.

Ireland Shamrock Baby Onesie - this vibrant green onesie is designed with a snap-button closures on the bottom making the onesie easy to take on and off.

Like all of the other expertly-made onesies in our baby clothing range, these rompers are made from soft but wear-resistant cotton, featuring snap-button closures along the legs for easy dressing and removal. However, what makes them stand out is their striking likeness to the jerseys worn by the official Irish rugby team! Babies will look absolutely darling in these wide green-and-white horizontal stripes, complemented by an embroidered three-shamrock shield (the team’s official emblem) over the heart. And who knows -- this might just be the purchase that sets the stage for baby’s lifelong love of sports!

Explore this extensive collection of Lansdowne Clothing and choose your favorite piece.

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