Baby Ireland Polo Shamrock Vest



■ 100% Cotton: This Irish kids’ polo vest is made of 100% cotton, known for its comfort, moisture-resistance, durability, and great heat insulation, keeping your baby warm and dry. 

■ Shamrock Design: Our polo vest features the shamrock, a traditional piece of Irish iconography and a symbol that holds strong religious meaning. 

■ Two-Button Placket: Featuring a two-button placket that is easy to button up and down, our polo vest keeps your little one stylish and comfortable from the moment he opens his eyes. 

■ Snap Closure: The bottom snap closure makes it easy to take the onesie on and off your little one, making the whole process quick and simple. 



Part of the official Lansdowne Merchandise collection, our Baby Ireland Polo Shamrock Vest is a top choice in comfortable apparel for newborns. This Irish vest is made of 100% Cotton, a material known for its comfort, moisture resistance, and durability. Cotton also has great heat insulation and breathability, keeping your little one warm and dry.
The front center features the famous three-leaved Shamrock, a symbol of great importance and national pride to any Irishman. It is said that Saint Patrick used the three leaves of the shamrock to explain the notion of the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish, with each leaf denoting the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The three leaves of the Shamrock are also said to stand for hope, faith, and love. Our vest also features chic design elements such as a polo collar with a two-button placket, and hunter green striped sleeves. The bottom snap closure ensures that taking the onesie off your little one is easy and comfortable for them.
Because of its endearing Irish design, this onesie makes for the perfect Patrick’s Day outfit for your baby, or it can be a wonderful gift for a new child in the family!