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The unique craft of pewter making in Ireland goes back over 800 years. The first Irish pewter craftsmen’s focus was on making domestic pewter utensils (think candlesticks, plates, tankards), and only the wealthy could really afford to buy them. Once pottery and glass became popular (and was cheaper), pewter use declined, but the recent pewter revival is due in part to Mullingar Pewter, founded by an Irish father and son in 1974.

Mullingar Pewter Company

Mullingar-based Paddy and Peter Collins carefully trained Irish artisans in the ancient craft casting methods, assembly and delicate hand-finishing. These special skills take years to acquire and finesse, and as a result of these decades of practice, the fine quality of all Mullingar Pewter products really shines through. Pewter has staged a comeback due to the collective realization that 1) It’s easy to store and 2) It never really wears out (like silver) and 3) It has a beautiful, warm sheen. Mullingar Pewter’s stunning products are lead-free and are meant to be handed down from generation to generation.

Mullingar Pewter Gift Ideas

Mullingar Pewter items make for absolutely wonderful gifts! Materials consist of 95% tin, with the balance made up of copper and antimony. Our pewter products are guaranteed lead-free and are quite safe to be used for all kinds of food and drink. As a versatile tin alloy, pewter is used to craft pieces of all kinds, from jewelry to dining ware and home décor items.

Pewter Claddagh Gifts

Pewter home décor pieces like:

Claddagh Jewellery Box - this charming heart-shaped Claddagh Jewellery Box will captivate anyone at first sight.

Claddagh Unity Candle Holder - this exquisite pewter candle holder includes a center pillar candle holder that is adorned with the iconic Irish Claddagh.

Mullingar Pewter Medium Claddagh Frame - this charming pewter frame boasts an immaculate shine that does not tarnish over time.

These products feature a widely popular Irish symbol, the Claddagh. The Claddagh emblem came from a fishing village named Claddagh in Galway, Ireland in the 17th century. One legend claims that an Irishman by the name of Richard Joyce created the first Claddagh in a ring design to honor his beloved who loyally waited for his return to Ireland after he was held in captivity for several years in a distant land. Another story claims that the Claddagh came to be through a woman named Margaret Joyce who wedded a wealthy Spaniard named Domingo de Rona in the 1500s. She became a rich widow when he passed away, and she used her wealth to build bridges in the Irish province of Connacht. For her generosity, an eagle dropped a Claddagh ring into her lap as a reward. The Claddagh consists of two hands representing friendship, and they unite to hold a heart signifying love. On top of the heart is a crown symbolizing the loyalty in a loving friendship.

Irish Pewter Tea Sets

For those who love to host elegant dinner and tea parties, the Mullingar Pewter Tea & Coffee Set is a must-have. This beaming five-piece set boasts a brilliant shine that rivals that of sterling silver, and it consists of a tea pot, coffee pot, milk/creamer jug, a sugar bowl, and the serving tray. Adding some authentic Celtic spirit to this collection are majestic Celtic Knot patterns etched onto the pieces that will catch the eye. This immaculate tea and coffee set will help you make family and friends at your home feel like they’re being welcomed with regal hospitality!

Mullingar Pewter Pocket Watches

If you’re tired of boring wristwatches and want a unique timepiece with some old-school flair, this Mullingar Pewter selection also offers a range of fine pocket watches that make wonderful collectibles.

Mullingar Pewter Ireland Pocket Watch - this piece is made of pewter and stainless steel, which is a strong, corrosion-resistant metal. On the cover of the watch is an embossed rendering of Ireland as it appears in maps, and it sits below the word ‘Ireland’ in Celtic lettering. This lovely watch measures approximately 1.75 inches in diameter and comes with a 14-inch chain. It can also be engraved on the back with a maximum of 20 letters, so it makes the perfect gift for special occasions like weddings, where it can be given as a wedding party gift to groomsmen.

Mullingar Pewter Pocket Watch in Claddagh - this timepiece boasts a traditional pocket watch design made of pewter and stainless steel.

Offering even more gorgeous items like door plaques, stein glasses, picture frames, and money clips, our Mullingar Pewter gifts collection has something for everyone.

Browse the entire collection to select memorable items for yourself or for loved ones as special gifts!

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  • Mullingar Pewter Pocket Watch Ireland In a Green Box P246 Ireland Mullingar Pewter Pocket Watch Ireland Out of the Box P246

    Mullingar Pewter Pocket Watch Ireland

    If you have old-school style and love all things Irish, then this Mullingar Pewter Pocket Watch Ireland is a must-have item for you! This pocket watch is nostalgically reminiscent of antique pocket watches that were popular timepieces back in the...

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    Irish Money Clip Golf Bag Stainless Steel & Pewter

    Genuine lovers of the sport of golf like to show if off in modern, stylish ways, and they can do that with this Stainless Steel & Pewter Irish Golf Bag Money Clip. The clip itself is made of stainless steel, an iron alloy known for its great...

38 of 38 Items