Captured Leprechaun Soft Toy In Moneybox Tin

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  • 5.5” Tall Leprechaun Soft Toy
  • Moneybox Tin
  • Lock and 2 Keys Included
  • Shamrock Gift Company Collection
  • Designed in Ireland


Manufacturer: Shamrock Gift Company

For a two-in-one toy that any child will enjoy, this Captured Leprechaun Soft Toy in a Moneybox Tin is a great pick!

Included in this item is a cylinder-shaped green tin that is festively decorated with leprechauns, padlocks, shamrock flowers, and other characters, and centered on the front is the label “Captured Leprechaun.”

That’s because a 5.5-inch tall leprechaun comes stuffed inside the tin, which can be secured shut with the included lock and two keys.

Made of soft fabric, this smiling leprechaun is dressed in a traditional leprechaun outfit, including his signature shamrock-accented top hat.

He also has a shaggy red beard and is holding a large shamrock that is labeled “Ireland.”

A well-known character of Irish folklore, leprechauns are known as tiny mischievous creatures that store gold coins in pots of gold hidden at the ends of rainbows and make shoes.

According to old fables, if anyone ever captures a leprechaun, the leprechaun will give the capturer three wishes if he sets him free.

With this fun toy, children can either keep the leprechaun under lock and key inside the tin, or they can set him free and use the tin as a moneybox.

Practical and entertaining, this item will make a wonderful gift for any child!

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