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Caru Eau de Toilette 50ml

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  • Caru Eau de Toilette

Sweet memories are made of this: the scent and sensuality of a languorous summer fading gently into a color-infused autumn. Caru eau de toilette, a signature brand from the Fragrances of Ireland family, captures the essence of this transition from the carefree breezes of summer to the vibrant colors of fall. There is no denying that this is one of the most dramatic times of the year as the last vestiges of summer blooms give way to dramatic autumnal colors, and Caru eau de toilette evokes the best of these times.  Taking inspiration from nature itself, Caru is a captivating feminine scent based on strong floral notes and hints of fruit and freshness. The heart notes, based on rose, freesia and lily are reminiscent of the joys of summer. These scents are made even richer with soul notes of vanilla, amber, patchouli, cedar and vetiver then blended with the fruity whiff of lychee and raspberry. Caru is crisp and clean yet delightfully pleasing to the senses.  Going back to old Gaelic for even more inspiration, this eau de toilette bears the ancient term for the phrase “to love”. Caru is the embodiment of verve and passion, and it is also evocative of the warmth and love so often associated with memories of hearth and home.  Sun-dappled afternoons, homey aromas and just enough crispness in the air characterizes that in-between time when the scent of autumn approaches yet summer has not quite faded into the sunset. Caru eau de toilette is a warm embrace on a chilly morning.  Fragrances of Ireland is an independent perfume company whose business philosophy revolves around pleasing customer’s senses through products that represent Ireland and the Irish culture. The company yearns for a return to the spiritual and the natural. Thus, its products, including Caru eau de toilette, are born of efforts to make people happy, to inspire and to uplift. Unlike larger perfume companies, Fragrances of Ireland goes outside the boardroom to seek inspiration for its products in nature itself.  As a socially responsible organization, Fragrances of Ireland’s business processes are respectful of the environment. As a global citizen, the company demonstrates its support for various environmental issues. The company hopes to foster understanding by emphasizing that the world is interconnected, and that everyone needs to pitch in for a better world.

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