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Whether you’re on the hunt for a new signature piece of jewelry or have a few ideas in mind for the perfect birthday or Christmas gift, we at Shamrock Gift are confident that our premium Celtic birthstone jewelry collection will deliver in spades.

What are birthstones for each month?

A birthstone is a gem that is associated with a month of the year, meaning that there are twelve in total:
Garnet for January
Athemyst for February
Aquamarine for March
Diamond for April
Emerald for May
Pearl for June
Ruby for July
Peridot for August
Sapphire for September
Opal for October
Topaz for November
Turquoise for December

Interestingly, the tradition of birthstone usage is said to date back to the time of the twelve tribes of Israel, when Aaron had a stone for each tribe embedded in the metal of his breastplate. Today, there are many theories about birthstones having therapeutic powers, and even, in some cases, healing properties. According to some traditions, wearing a birthstone during the month with which it’s associated will keep the wearer healthy and happy. In order to capitalize on the full effects of this phenomenon, it’s said to be best to own all twelve stones, switching them out as the months change -- which we think is a great reason to collect every one!

Celtic Birthstone Pendants 


 Of course, the most common manner in which most people engage with birthstones is to learn which gem corresponds to the time of year in which they were born, often wearing them on their person year-round in order to harness the luck they bring. Now that you know which birthstone goes with which month, this knowledge is yours to do with as you please! Heavy with symbolism and fun-to-interpret meanings, birthstones pair very wonderfully with traditionally Irish jewelry pieces like Irish Pendants made of Sterling Silver, coming together to create designs that are loaded with illustrative value. These Irish Birthstone Pendants are stunning pieces of jewelry with which you can show your appreciation.

Celtic Birthstone Rings

If you’re well and truly in touch with your Irish heritage, there’s no doubt that you have ample appreciation for the more mysterious and enchanting aspects of life, and a birthstone accessory is a wonderful way to communicate this! A birthstone can be as the primary stone in a traditional Irish Claddagh ring (which bears a heart to symbolize love, a pair of hands for friendship, and a crown for the importance of loyalty). The use of a Celtic birthstone ring is also an excellent idea for anyone hoping to pop the question to their beloved in the near future. By offering them a stunning ring that corresponds to their date of birth (and, by proxy, to their very identity), it’s easy to convey the depth of your appreciation for everything that makes the man or woman in your life special. There really is no better way to get down on one knee than with that personal touch in hand! For bonus points, check out our above-mentioned line of Claddagh birthstone rings; the added meaning and sentiment brought in by the internationally-beloved Claddagh symbol is sure to win you the hand of that special someone for life.

Shop our huge range of gorgeous options, and we guarantee you’ll find something to fall in love with in no time at all, whether it’s for yourself, or a gift for a family member, partner, or dearly important friend for life.

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    Rhodium Claddagh Birthstone Pendant - April

    An elegant, round pendant frames a shining aquamarine crystal in this timeless design. Featuring the classic Claddagh symbol with two hands embracing a heart topped with a crown, this iconic Celtic design represents loyalty, love and friendship. The...

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