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Silver Gold & Diamond Trinity Claddagh Earrings


■ These drop earrings are elegant yet understated, and are guaranteed to complement any kind of ensemble, be it formal, casual, or anywhere in between. 
■ Pure sterling silver and 10K yellow gold play charmingly off each other, creating an element of visual interest that’s sure to make you the envy of all of your jewelry-loving friends. 

■ Real white diamonds stud the center of these earrings’ pendants, adding a touch of glitter that will make these earrings a treat to put on every time.

■ The use of the traditional Celtic Trinity knot gives these earrings a mystical, old-world touch that’s sure to enchant anyone with a special place in their heart for the Emerald Isle. 

■ The sentiments symbolized by the classic Claddagh symbol -- love, friendship, and loyalty -- are kept front and center here, making these earrings as meaningful as they are beautiful. 



The perfect Irish accessory is just a click away. We at Shamrock Gift are delighted to present to you this pair of premium Claddagh Trinity Knot Drop Earrings -- as authentic a piece of Emerald Isle jewelry as they come! No matter what kind of ensemble you choose to pair these beautiful earrings with, they’re guaranteed to bring the ideal touch of charm, class, and romantic sentiment to your look of the day. Formal or informal, there’s simply no outfit they won’t elevate!

The topmost part of these earrings’ dangling pendant is made from a sterling silver Celtic Trinity knot. For centuries, the Celtic knot has been revered by Irish art historians as one of the most important symbols in the country’s ancient design practices. In particular, the Trinity knot was used by the pagan Celtic people to represent the natural forces of the world (earth, air, and water), and at times deity triaids, such as the Mother, the Crone, and the Maiden. Later, this symbol was repurposed by the people of Christian Ireland (which included St. Patrick himself!) to understand the joint but distinct nature of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit aspects of God. No matter which meaning you most heavily associated with the Celtic Trinity knot, you’re guaranteed to appreciate the unique beauty it brings to these very Irish earrings.

Attached to the lower points of the Celtic Trinity knot design is a classic Claddagh symbol, known all over the world as a rich signifier of the wonderful values associated with the Irish nation and people. The gorgeous symbolism of the Claddagh symbol can be identified in its three primary features: the twin hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents undying loyalty. Since its creation the 1700s, this icon has been adored by many, and it’s not difficult to see why; the belief goes that anyone who wears the Claddagh symbol on their body will always be guided by the principles of friendship, love, and loyalty, and will always remain on the right path as they undertake their journey through life.

These earrings are composed from a pure sterling silver base, entirely free of harmful, irritating substances such as nickel. This allows for comfortable all-day wear, and ensures that these earrings will remain bright, shiny, and free from the effects of daily wear and tear for many years to come. The Claddagh symbol’s heart and crown components are crafted from pure 10K yellow gold, adding a sense of visual contrast between this precious metal and the silver which surrounds it. A beautiful, resistant metal, yellow gold also brings a sense of elegance, class, and luxury to the overall look, making these earrings an excellent choice for those days where you need to dress to impress! Finally, the Claddagh symbol’s heart is delicately studded with a single white diamond on each earring, adding an irresistible touch of glimmer that perfectly finishes off their unique, glamorous look.

These delightful drop-style earrings come packaged in a beautiful keepsake box, and make a fantastic addition to the jewelry collection of a woman or girl of any age, lifestyle, or fashion taste. Additionally, use this complimentary box as an easy gift box when presenting these earrings to a loved one at Christmas, a birthday, or simply “just because.” No matter who the lucky giftee or what the occasion, we can guarantee that they’ll be blown away by your creativity and thoughtfulness, and will love this stunning tribute to the rich history and cultural heritage of the wonderful Emerald Isle. So, what are you waiting for? Add it to your cart now!