Sterling Silver Marble Celtic Drop Earrings


■ Beautiful Celtic knot setting
■ Authentic green Connemara marble inset
■ Sterling silver hallmarked at Dublin Castle
■ Made in Ireland by Solvar Jewelers
■ Dimensions: 13mm x 13mm


These gorgeous Sterling Silver Marble Celtic Drop Earrings from Solvar are an elegant gift or addition to your own jewelry collection. Made of hallmarked sterling silver and featuring a centerpiece of authentic Connemara marble in richly hued green, these earrings let you take a little bit of Ireland with you wherever you go.

The Connemara marble itself is sourced from the Joyce family mine in the west of Ireland and, as no two pieces are alike due to the natural variations in the stone, each earring set is especially unique. Connemara marble was formed over 900 million years ago and is world-renowned for its beautiful green gradients.

The Celtic knot border is one of the most recognizably Irish design motifs, having been found in Irish artwork for centuries, and most famously in illuminated manuscripts dating to the middle ages to illustrate the gospels. The unbroken weave of the Celtic knot is thought to represent eternity and endless love.

Solvar Jewelers is one of Ireland’s premier jewelry manufacturers with 80 years of experience crafting some of the most beautiful pendants, earrings, bracelets, and more. Founded in 1941 and now in its third-generation of family operation, Solvar brings its love of Ireland and Irish heritage to the fore in every handcrafted piece. All their jewelry is hallmarked at Dublin Castle by the Dublin Assay Office to certify its authenticity and quality.

Made in Ireland. Pendants measure 13mm x 13mm.