Gold Plated Claddagh Drop Heart Emerald Earrings


■ Sophisticated gold-plated earrings are long-lasting accent pieces that will not rust or tarnish, ensuring you can have them in your jewelry collection for generations. ■ Features the Claddagh ring, a traditional Irish symbol that shows a crowned heart grasped by two hands, as symbols of love, loyalty, and friendship.

■ Designed with green-toned emerald glass, placed at the center of the heart, for a gorgeous and elegant effect that will catch everyone’s attention.

■ Crafted in Ireland, as part of the Solvar Jewelry collection, these unique earrings measure 1.15 inches in height and 0.60 in width, the perfect size for complementing any hairstyle or outfit.


Our Gold Plated Claddagh Drop Heart Emerald Earrings are pieces that encompass Irish history, elegance, and uniqueness. The gold plating ensures you can wear these earrings without worrying about rust or tarnishing. The dark green glass and the golden-toned combination is truly mesmerizing. The exceptional craftsmanship in this earring set captures the meaning of the Irish Claddagh that first appeared over four centuries ago in Galway, Ireland. Two gloved hands representing friendship reach toward each other to clutch a crowned heart symbolizing love and loyalty. This heart is adorned with emerald glass that adds elegance. The drop earrings are the perfect size for any outfit, measuring 1.15 inches in height and 0.60 in width. This earring set is a wonderful way to add meaningful style to your look and will flatter both casual and business ensembles. To keep the earrings in their best condition, we recommend simply wiping them with a soft cloth and avoiding prolonged exposure to water.

Height (Inches) Width (Inches) Height (Mm) Width (Mm)
1 1/8   5/8 29 16