14K Medium Celtic Cross Pendant on a Chain


■ Metal: 14K Yellow Gold
■ 18" 14K Yellow Gold Chain Included
■ Celtic Cross Pendant
■ Excellent Quality


If you love honoring your Celtic heritage and have an appreciation for elaborate art, then you'll love this Celtic Cross Pendant. This pendant is quite a showstopper, as it replicates the silhouette of an ancient Celtic Cross and embellishes it with intricate detail that pays further homage to Celtic heritage. This cross is made of radiant 14K yellow gold that is shaped into an open design that highlights Trinity Knots that decorate each limb of the cross.

Like the Celtic Cross, Trinity Knots have also been used in Christianity but to symbolize the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Representing wholeness, a halo surrounds the center of the cross and is decked with infinity symbols that signify eternal love. This breathtaking necklace makes a wonderful gift for someone who loves to celebrate their Celtic roots.

Chain Height (Inches) Width (Inches) Height (Mm) Width (Mm)
 18'' 14K SING 1 1/8   1/2 29 13