Silver Plated Crystal Harp Pendant


■ Made in the heart of Dublin, by Solvar Ltd, a family-owned business 
■ Crafted from premium quality Sterling Silver, it guarantees resistance and durability 
■ Adorned with a Green Crystal that represents the color of Ireland 
■ Irish Design: the shape of the pendant represents an Irish harp, a heraldic symbol of Ireland 
■ It comes with an 18" Long Chain and a gift box


Adorn your jewelry collection and celebrate your heritage with this charming Silver Plated Crystal Harp Pendant! This piece can be the perfect gift for any occasion, especially for someone with Irish heritage.
The design combines two Irish elements: the harp and the color green. The Irish harp represents Ireland and its cultural heritage. It has long been associated with Ireland and is one of the country's oldest and heraldic symbols. The harp is depicted on Ireland's coat of arms, as well as on various Irish coins and official documents. In folklore, it was associated with the god of poetry and music, Dagda and it is said that it has magical powers, being a lucky charm for those who wear it. The harp is also considered a symbol of Irish unity. The green crystal is the perfect last detail. The color green is associated with Ireland, being representative for the beauty of Irish natural landscapes.
Our pendant was made with care and love for Irish culture, by Solvar Jewelry and specially hallmarked at the Assay office in Dublin Castle. Solvar Ltd is a family-owned Irish company who has been crafting beautiful artisanal Irish jewelry in the heart of Dublin since 1941.