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Celtic Spirit Pendant - Spiral

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  • Silver tone spiral knot pendant 
  • Black cord necklace
  • Information card included 
  • Celtic Spirit


Manufacturer: Shamrock Gift Company

Celebrate your Celtic heritage (or just your appreciation for their beautiful and very ancient art) by donning this Celtic spiral knot necklace, lovingly crafted by the cultural heritage experts at Celtic Spirit.

This delicate spiral knot is shaped to achieve a smooth yet intricate look, and is securely attached to an adjustable black cord which can be modified to suit any length preference.

Every spiral knot pendant comes with a fun information card included. This card provides some wonderful fun facts regarding the knot’s history and cultural significance. It reads: “The spiral symbolizes the continuity of life and spiritual growth. It is the constant flow of nature’s processes moving outward and then back inward, as Heaven and Earth are joined.”

Also known in some cultures as the triskelion, this symbol has many other alternative meanings, such as the motion of action over passivity, cycles, revolutions, competition, and progress.

As such, this necklace is an excellent gift for anybody you’re confident will continue to keep moving forward in life, no matter what. Show them how proud of them you are, and surprise them today!

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