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Charles Gallen Ladies Handkerchief with Lace

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  • Charles Gallen for Samuel Lamont 
  • Pure Irish Linen 
  • Decorative Lace Corners 
  • Solid White


Manufacturer: Samuel LaMont

For anyone hankering for accessories that call back to a more formal and decorative time, the Charles Gallen Ladies Handkerchief with Lace corner detailing should fit right in to your pocket or purse.

A modern take on traditional lace handkerchiefs that features shamrock detailing and intricate floral designs, this handkerchief provides a touch of class and makes a subtle statement of Irish pride wherever it is worn.

Woven from pure white Irish linen with linen thread lace, the fabric can weather whatever you put it through, from cleaning glasses to dabbing skin.

The shamrock is an enduring symbol of Ireland, originally used by St. Patrick as a metaphor for the Trinity while converting pre-Christian Ireland. Today it has become an internationally recognized symbol of the island.

The fine detail and decorative finish add a modern flair to this ancient plant.

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