Guinness Bottle Cooler


■ Guinness Bottle Cooler
■ Shamrock Gift Company Collection
■ Designed in Ireland
■ Official Guinness Merchandise


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Whether you’re outside at a tailgate party for a football game or hanging out with friends on the beach, you can keep your bottles of Guinness nicely chilled with this Guinness Bottle Cooler. This bottle cooler comes in a versatile black color and is made of a foam-like fabric material that will insulate your bottled beverage from exterior heat.

Designed with a narrow, bottle-like shape, this cooler provides a snug fit that will easily mold to the frame of various bottles. Adding a decorative touch to this accessory is a Guinness Extra Stout beer bottle label on the front, with the label displayed in its classic circular shape, bearing the Guinness name and signature Irish harp against an elegant cream background that contrasts beautifully with the cooler’s black color.

Make this bottle cooler your go-to accessory that allows you to enjoy cool beverages on hot, sunny days at events like barbecues and social gatherings at parks!