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Connemara Marble Gin Stones


■ Our cubes are made from 100% Connemara Marble, designed to be used as a substitute for ice that will preserve the strong flavor of your favorite drink.
■ Because the Connemara Marble has natural variations in its color and texture, every cube has a unique rich tone ranging from apple green to deep dark green.
■ Known as “Ireland’s Gemstone”, the Connemara Marble serves as a tangible reminder of your Irish heritage by encapsulating the beauty of your homeland.
■ Our set of 4 reusable Gin Stones comes packaged in a handy pouch for easy storage and makes an ingenious Irish gift for yourself or someone dear.

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Nothing compares to a refreshing drink on a summer evening. Better still, imagine that cool beverage preserving its robust flavor, undiluted, as you savor your appetizer. Our set of 4 Gin Stones, made with Connemara Marble, can help you with that. Marble is one of the best options for keeping your gin chill because the stone cools very quickly. Plus, the flavor of your drink will remain strong, so you can forget about the watered-down alternative of ice cubes. The most noticeable aspect of the Connemara Marble is its vivid coloring. The green can range from bright, apple green, all the way to deep dark green. Each stone boasts a distinct textured design that enhances the sophistication of any drink, whether it's a robust gin and tonic, a classic martini, or your preferred beverage of choice. Apart from their practicality and aesthetic appeal, these reusable cubes, created from the marble called “Ireland’s Gemstone”, can serve as a tangible reminder of your Irish heritage. They come packaged in a beautiful blue pouch for convenient storage. All things considered, this set makes a splendid Irish gift for yourself or someone special. Sláinte!