Guinness Pottery Mug - Label


■ Guinness Label Pottery Mug
■ Official Guinness Merchandise
■ Designed in Ireland



If you prefer to enjoy your favorite brew of Guinness beer in a mug instead of a glass, then you will love this Guinness Label Pottery Mug.

This ceramic mug boasts bold design with a vintage flair that is hard to find nowadays. It comes in a glossy black color with a contrasting tan-colored brim, brilliantly mimicking the look of a pint of Guinness beer with a dark body and cream-colored layer of foam at the top. Adding more striking detail is the wide handle designed with sharp corners that give it a rectangular look, and the front of the mug is adorned with a tan-colored emblem of a Guinness logo, showing off the brand’s signature Irish harp and 1759 founding year in the center.

The year 1759 was when founder Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000-year lease at St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland, where the iconic beer has been crafted for centuries.

Enjoy both hot and cold beverages in this durable, charming mug!