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Carraig Donn Knitwear - Adult Beret

Out of stock
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  • Our wonderful Handknit Adult Beret’s are available in a beautiful off-white natural color, and feature a very comfortable one-size-fits-all design. 
  • This hat features classic Aran stitch patterns that pay homage to the traditional Aran garments that have been worn in Ireland for centuries. 
  • Merino wool is one of the softest, most popular fabrics used by garment makers, prized for its amazing comfort and durability. 
  • Carraig Donn has been one of Ireland’s most popular makers of authentic Irish knitwear since 1965, and enjoys recognition throughout the world.


Manufacturer: Carraig Donn

Bursting with unique personality and charm, our Handknit Adult Beret has long been one of our favorite accessories. Available in a very comfy one-size-fits-all design and in a beautiful natural white color, once you put this wonderful little hat on we are sure you will never want to take it off! The comfort alone makes this hat worth owning, nevermind the smart style that is perfect for dressing up or down during the colder times of year. Everyone who sees you where this great hat will either be jealous they’re not wearing one themselves, or they will be very curious about where you found it (or perhaps both!).

This beautiful Irish spin on the French classic is a gorgeous creamy white, complete with traditional Aran stitches and a sassy pom-pom. The famously soft merino wool knit is ultra-warm and thick, and you will be blown away by the level of comfort this hat offers. Better yet, the pure merino wool used in its construction will contract or expand at the microscopic level as the temperatures change, increasing or decreasing airflow to keep you as comfortable as possible. Unlike other types of wool, merino is not scratchy, and you will never have to worry about getting overheated when you wear this. Due to the quality Carraig Donn puts into every product it creates, you will also never have to worry about this hat’s weave loosening or stretching out even after many seasons of regular use. Each of our hats are woven by hand from one of Carraig Donn’s specially trained craftspeople at one of the company’s workshops in Ireland. This hat is as authentically Irish as they come, and you will feel the rich heritage, history, and tradition each time you put it on.

The Aran stitch utilized in this hat’s design is reminiscent of the traditional Aran garments of generations past, especially the sweaters worn by hardy fishermen among the Aran Islands on Ireland’s northwestern coast. So whether you are looking for a hat that perfectly complements your existing Aran garment collection, or in search of your first one, this Handknit Adult Beret is a wonderful item to pick up. This playful, pretty beret is sure to put some spring into your step, brightening even the coldest of days.

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