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Herringbone Coatigan

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  • The dramatic and beautiful flap collar frames the neck and face in a stunning color block, complementing the subtle herringbone pattern on the bodice of our coatigan
  • The classic herringbone design has been around for a long time, a perennial favorite whose bold geometric angles will never go out of style
  • A bold one-button closure draws the eye up to the collar, and the flowing asymmetrical lines make this beautiful coatigan something really special
  • Made in Ireland from merino wool and nylon, this piece is both touchably soft as well as hardy and durable--the perfect blend of beauty and strength
  • Our versatile coatigan is available in neutral tones that will complement just about any colors in your wardrobe. Dress it up or down, you will be turning heads for sure!


Manufacturer: Carraig Donn

With our beautiful Herringbone Coatigan, you will feel as pretty as a princess, and elegant as a queen. Reminiscent of 1960s fashion plates, you’ll love the way this vintage-inspired coat looks and feels as you channel the likes of Jackie Kennedy. Call it a cardigan, call it a coat--whatever you decide to call it, our Herringbone Coatigan is sure to become one of your favorite winter staples. Made in Ireland from a blend of 20% nylon and 80% merino wool, you get the softness of the luxurious wool combined with the versatility and durability of nylon that makes this piece the perfect coat to wear on your next adventure. The herringbone pattern, woven out of soft grey and neutral tones gives our coat the subtle touch of pattern, movement, and texture while still maintaining classic elegance. The grace of the herringbone design is complemented by super chic color block trims on the hem, cuffs, and collar--framing your shape in classic style. You will love the bold flap collar, with its eye-catching curves and lines that frame the neck in a chic asymmetrical design. The contrast of the color block collar and the herringbone pattern lend a bit of fun and flirtiness to this striking collar, and the way it folds down makes it perfect for layering over your favorite sweater. The collar guides the eye to the bold one-button side closure, modern touch with a traditional feel. While other cardigans may have a straight-edged design, everything about our Herringbone Coatigan makes a statement--the asymmetrical lines complement each other throughout, from collar to the pattern to the button, creating a beautiful, fun, and sophisticated piece that you can wear anywhere you like. The coat hangs long, so it is perfect for layering with just about any outfit you can think of. Pair it with leggings and knee-high boots for a casual look, or wear it over slacks or a dress for something more formal. The straight cut drapes easily over many shapes and sizes, the perfect choice for any woman who favors a classic, vintage-inspired look. Whether you love the style of the 1960s or the coat dresses of the modern royal family (we’re looking at you, Kate Middleton), the stylish quality of our Herringbone Coatigan is sure to please. Merino Wool Why is Merino wool special? Merino wool fibers are naturally long, making for strong fibers and super soft yarn. Not only is it super soft, but it does not give you the itchiness that many people associate with wool. Because Merino wool has longer and finer fibers, it is more flexible than other types of wool and moves easily with you rather than poking the skin uncomfortably (which results in the itchy sensation). This softer quality wool makes it a comfortable choice in all kinds of settings, and the perfect choice of material for this ultimate cozy coatigan. Blended with 20% nylon, it is durable, flexible, and beautiful all at the same time. Herringbone If you’re looking for classic patterns that never go out of style, then you will love the herringbone design of our coat. Herringbone (also known as a broken twill weave pattern) may look like a broken zigzag, but it also resembles the delicate bones of a herring fish. Herringbone patterns are commonly found in wool textiles and are popular in suits, outerwear, and even our fabulous coatigan. Bringing this classic pattern forward into the modern era, the bold geometric angles of the herringbone lines are both mesmerizing and graceful at the same time and provide a striking look that will not fail to turn heads everywhere you go. 

Product Features We Adore

Herringbone Design

Reminiscent of fashion from the 1960s giving it a vintage feel!

Flap Collar

The collar beautifully frame the neck with a chic asymmetrical design!

Side Fastening Button Detail

Side-fastening single-button detail lends a modern edge!

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