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Honeycomb Merino Wool Aran Throw

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  • 100% Merino Wool 
  • Honeycomb and Aran Cable patterns
  • Available in White and Green
  • Traditional Design
  • Measures 60in x 40in


Manufacturer: SAOL

This authentic Aran-stitch wool blanket is the showstopper your home decor has been waiting for.

Perfect for protecting your family members and guests from seasonal chills, it comes in a soft, cream color that signifies coziness and comfort at a single glance, and is a fantastic option for adding a rustic chic, layered element to any room.

This particular throw features the distinctive honeycomb stitch (considered by many to be a bringer of great luck) and the traditional Aran cable stitch, a technique that hails, of course, from the Aran Islands of Ireland.

The stitch’s shape is said to represent the stone field walls of the Aran Islands, and was originally sewn into Aran sweaters in order to bring protection to the local fisherman, when they set out on the treacherous Atlantic Ocean in order to bring home food for their families.

Wrap yourself up snugly in this fine piece of traditional Irish craftsmanship, and we’re sure you’ll feel protected, too.

Made from 100% pure merino wool and measuring a generous 60 x 34 inches, this is a throw that we recommend you hand wash or dry clean in order to retain its cushy softness.

As this enchanting throw proves, sometimes traditional really is the way to go! 

Product Features We Adore

Pure Merino Wool

This SAOL throw is all natural and organic, made from soft Merino Wool, so you can cozy up to it without any fear of irritated skin.

Classic Colors

The colors add to the throw's authentically and the traditional Irish Design add to the growing popularity of this throw.

Aran Trellis Pattern

Steeped in the history & culture of the Islands. Curling up with this blanket, you'll always have a piece of that culture in your heart.

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