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There’s nothing like a strong father or father figure in your life who always made you feel safe and protected and taught you how to be the strong, upstanding person you have become as an adult. There isn’t enough in the world to say thank you to these amazing dads, but giving them thoughtful unique gifts as tokens of affection is a great way to express appreciation for them. 

 Top Irish Fathers Day Gifts Ideas 

Here at Shamrock Gift, we have a diverse mix of Irish Father’s Day Specials items that has something for dads of all personalities, styles, and sizes. Check out our selection of Irish Father's Day gift ideas and find something for all the fathers in your life! 

Men’s Irish Knit Wool Sweaters

If your dad’s fall and winter wardrobe could use a fashion upgrade, then gift him one or a few of our handsome Aran sweaters that come in different styles like traditional pullover sweaters, cardigans, and full-zippered designs.

  • Army Green Mens Single Button Shawl Collar Aran Sweater- this Merino Wool Sweater comes with a v-neck shawl collar and old-school button closure that gives it a classy and elegant look.

  • Saol Crew Neck Sweater- this iconic, cozy and warm Irish Aran Crew Neck Sweater is a winter staple for men and is guaranteed to keep you safe from icy chills.

  • Men's Zip-up Cardigan with Cable Patterns- this full zipper cardigan is a beautiful piece that mixes both traditional and modern designs. It comes with pockets for cold hands, and a ribbed collar that looks stylish open or closed.

Aran sweaters have a long history that has also become a special part of Irish culture, and it started in the 1890s in the Aran Islands, which are located off of the western coast of Ireland. Fishing was the main type of livelihood for many Aran Island men, so their wives and mothers would knit these sweaters from unscoured wool to keep the fishermen insulated during the brutally cold winters. Aran sweaters gained wide popularity in the 1950s and 1960s, and they were especially adored for their elaborate woven patterns that each possess a significant meaning.

Some of the more popular Aran stitches include the honeycomb, which represents hard work and the dedicated worker bees of the Aran Islands, the moss stitch that signifies growth and also symbolizes carrageenan moss, which is the seaweed that lines the stone walls on the Aran Islands, and the zigzag, which symbolizes the cliffs of the Aran Islands. Other widely recognized stitches include the diamond, which signifies a blessing for abundance, wealth, and success, the basket, which represents the fisherman's basket for good luck in making abundant catches, and the cable, which represents prayers for safety and good luck in the fisherman’s daily life. 

Bushmills Whiskey Father’s Day Gifts

For a man who enjoys a drink of Irish whiskey, pieces like:

  • Bushmills Pewter Shot Glass- this shot glass comes with a pewter emblem bearing the logo of Bushmills whiskey, complete with the signature image of the Old Bushmills Distillery at the top.

  • Bushmills 4-ounce Pocket Flask-this silver flask boasts a clean shine in a classic rounded rectangular shape similar to antique flasks.

  • Bushmills Hi-Ball Glass Set- this glass set will make the perfect gift for dad for Father's Day. 

For over 400 years since 1608, the famous Bushmills whiskey has been made at the Old Bushmills Distillery, which stands as the oldest licensed distillery in Ireland. The distillery is located in Bushmills Village on the north coast of County Antrim in Northern Ireland. Famously known as a “grain to glass” distillery, Old Bushmills hand makes its whiskey in small batches at one location instead of utilizing multiple sites.

Official Guinness Father’s Day Gifts

If your father or beloved father figure is more of a beer lover, especially Irish beer like Guinness, then he will appreciate gifts like the Guinness tankards, Guinness Pint Glass Sets, and much more. Guinness beer has been in business since 1759, which was the year that founder Arthur Guinness signed a stupendous 9,000-year lease at St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland. This brewery is a historic landmark in Ireland, and it is where Guinness beer is still made to this day. It is popularly recognized by its beautiful black entrance gate that presents the Guinness name and harp logo in beaming gold lettering, the vintage-style light posts that flank the gate, and the rugged brick road that leads up to the gate. 

Whether your father is traditional and conservative, more of the modern type loves being in the outdoors or is a lover of Irish whiskey, you will be sure to find the perfect gift for dad among Shamrock Gifts’ collection of high-quality Irish Father’s Day Gifts. Pick a couple of pieces that you know your dad will love, or get several for additional father figures in your life that you also want to honor for what they have done for you!

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