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Irish Coffee Claddagh "Slainte" Mugs Pewter Set of 2

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Now: $24.98

■ Pewter and Glass - The glasses in this set are made of durable glass that is accented on the front with Claddagh emblems made of pewter, a tin alloy.
■ Irish Claddagh - Featured on the front of each glass is a pewter emblem of the Irish Claddagh: 2 hands of friendship uniting to hold a heart of love topped with a crown of loyalty.
■ Shamrock, Celtic Knots, and Slainte - Decorating the border of the emblem are shamrocks, which are national Irish flowers, Celtic knots, and the word “Slainte,” which is Irish Gaelic for “good health.”
■ Capacity - The glasses in this set each have a volume capacity of 10 ounces.


For an everyday drinking glass set that has festive style, add this Irish Coffee Claddagh “Slainte” Pewter Mug set to your dining collection. The mugs in this set are made of top-quality glass in a classic pub style design, complete with a flared, flat base and wide, thick handle. On the front is a medallion made of pewter, which is a versatile tin alloy that is long-lasting, boasts a natural shine, and does not tarnish like other metals. This pewter medallion features the Irish Claddagh, a well-known symbol in Irish culture that appears in everything from wedding bands to jewelry.

The Claddagh consists of two hands uniting to symbolize friendship as they hold a heart symbolizing love; the heart is topped with a crown representing loyalty. Above the Claddagh on the emblem is the word “Slainte,” which is Irish Gaelic for “good health.” Celtic knots and shamrocks also decorate the border of the pewter emblem. With each mug having a volume capacity of 10 ounces, this mug set makes a great holiday gift or souvenir for family or friends!