Aran Woollen Mills

Sheep Wool Irish Blanket


■ Knit from 100% Worsted wool, a warm, flexible, and very durable type of wool
■ Cute sheep figures that any child will love add a wholesome and fun touch to the design 
■ The design features Aran stitchings such as the diamond and the honeycomb
■ This lovely throw measures 40" x 60", the perfect size for a kid’s blanket
■ It is recommended to hand wash only in order to prevent shrinking


This cute throw has everything that a kid’s blanket needs: warmth, coziness, and an adorable design. It is made from worsted wool, a type of wool yarn that excels when it comes to warmth, as well as softness, flexibility, and breathability. It is also a very durable material, so your child will have more than enough time to enjoy this cozy blanket till he grows out of it. What’s also nice about this blanket is the design. It features traditional Aran stitching patterns, as well as adorable sheep figures. The sheep figures give the blanket an even cozier and more playful feel, which your child will definitely love!