Aran Woollen Mills

Supersoft Merino Diamonds Irish Throw


■ The 100% SuperSoft Merino Wool construction of this throw is sustainably sourced from Merino sheep, offering excellent breathability, softness, and moisture-wicking properties

■ Measuring a generous 60 inches by 40 inches, this versatile item serves as a stylish piece of decor or a warm blanket for cozying up on the couch

■ Drawing inspiration from traditional Aran sweaters, the design features intricate cable, honeycomb, and moss stitches, symbols of good fortune, prosperity, and protection

■ This authentic Aran knitting technique provides optimal heat insulation and allows air circulation to prevent overheating, ensuring an incredibly comfortable wearing experience

■ Thanks to its quality material, exceptional Irish craftsmanship, and deeply meaningful design, this throw makes a wonderful gift for family and friends


Crafted with care in Ireland by Aran Woollen Mills, this versatile Supersoft Merino Diamonds Throw is here to keep you cozy and warm. The 100% Super Soft Merino wool construction combines sustainability with ultimate comfort. Its natural fibers offer excellent breathability and help regulate your body's temperature, making it suitable for year-round use, while the moisture-wicking properties of Merino wool ensure you can use it outdoors as well. Whether you're snuggling up on a chilly winter evening or going out for a picnic, this throw is a wonderful choice. The story behind the design of this blanket takes us back to the early 20th century when Irish fishermen from the remote Aran Islands wore raw wool sweaters when braving the open sea. The richly textured patterns of their sweaters acted as shields against harsh weather, while allowing air flow to avoid overheating. Similarly, the three-dimensional texture of this blanket promises to keep you warm and comfortable. But there's more to these patterns than just functionality, as each stitch tells a story. The cable stitch, featured prominently in this design, symbolizes good fortune, representing the fishermen's nets and ropes. The honeycomb stitches signify hard work and the well-deserved rewards that come with it. Moss stitches stand for prosperity and success. Measuring a generous 60 inches by 40 inches, this versatile piece can serve as a stylish decor element in your home, a companion for cozy nights on the couch, or even a picnic blanket for sunny days. Whether you're considering it as a thoughtful gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself, the Supersoft Merino Diamonds Throw promises warmth, comfort, and a touch of Irish charm.