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Connemara Marble Whiskey Gift Set



■ Irish set containing 2 whiskey glasses accompanied by 8 reusable stones and 2 coasters crafted of marble originating from the Irish Connemara region
■ The whiskey glasses are adorned with a pewter accent designed with a traditional shamrock, symbolizing live, faith, and hope
■ The green tones of the coasters and marble stones allude to the lush landscapes of the Connemara region, adding a touch of Irish cultural essence to this set
■ The glasses measure 11.34” x 7.52” x 4.06” and have a 6 ounces capacity, the coasters are 3.5” in diameter, and the marble stones are sized at 5” x 4.5” x 2”, ideal to chill your drinks many times
■ This set is the ideal Irish present for any lover of strong liquors, or for those who want to celebrate the heritage of Ireland and Connemara





Elevate your drinkware collection with a touch of Irish charm with our Connemara Marble Whiskey Gift Set! This thoughtfully designed set contains 2 whiskey glasses, 2 round coasters, and 8 reusable marble stones that will perfectly chill your drink. The whiskey glasses are crafted with a pewter embellishment that features an engraved shamrock.
The three leaf clover is a traditional Irish symbol that is usually associated with the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick, and represents the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity, as well as three heartwarming concepts: love, faith, and hope. The coasters and chilling stones are crafted with great attention to detail and cultural authenticity in mind, from Connemara marble. This rare stone, showcasing unique tones of green and gray, can only be found in the Connemara region of Ireland, a land widely appreciated for its stunning landscapes. The marble stones captivate the beauty of Connemara’s green coastline, rocky cliffs, and local flora.
The glasses measure 11.34” x 7.52” x 4.06” and can ideally fit your favorite strong liquors as they have a 6 ounces capacity. The coasters are 3.5” in diameter, ensuring to keep your tables clean from any unwanted spills. The reusable marble stones measure 5” x 4.5” x 2” and will easily fit in your freezer and any glass.
This set is perfect if you wish to enjoy drinks with your friends and family, or to make culturally-inspired gifts for those who wish to celebrate the heritage of Ireland.