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Edinburgh Scottish Breakfast Tea


■ Scottish breakfast tea made with a carefully selected blend of bold flavors, balanced with a piquant after-taste
■ Comes in a culturally-inspired box, designed with tartan patterns that celebrate the history and heritage of Scotland’s textile industry
■ Contains 25 tagged and enveloped tea bags, weighing 1.76 oz, ideal for tea parties or multiple servings of this delicious aroma
■ Combining deliciousness with Scottish cultural significance, our tea would make a thoughtful gift for any tea enthusiast or loved one


Let the strong and unique aromas of our Scottish breakfast tea delight your senses! This tea is carefully crafted with only the finest ingredients that create a bold flavor, perfectly balanced with a piquant after-taste. It is ideal for starting your morning with a boost of energy that will be appreciated by any tea enthusiast.
The 25 tagged and enveloped tea bags (weighing 1.76 oz) are just what you need for your next tea party as they can be shared with friends and family or enjoyed throughout the day for extra Scottish delight. You can drink our tea in the traditional Scottish way, with sugar and milk for an authentic experience that is sure to impress.
What sets this tea apart is its culturally-inspired packaging. The lovely box is adorned with tartan patterns, a textile that was initially used by Scottish clans. This intricate design is widely appreciated in the Highlands, making this tea a celebration of Scotland’s textile industry. With this tea box, you can have a piece of Scotland in your tea collection or make a thoughtful present to your friends and family!