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Edinburgh Scottish Tea 4 Variety Pack

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■ Scottish tea set with 4 delicious and rich flavors that will delight your senses: heather blossom, whiskey, thistle, and Scottish breakfast tea
■ Comes in a culturally-designed box which displays Scottish motifs such as the Highland cow, thistle, stag, as well as unique tartan patterns
■ The set contains 3.53 oz of strong Scottish tea, coming in 40 tagged and enveloped tea bags, 10 of each flavor, perfect for sharing with friends
■ Makes a wonderful Scottish addition for your tea collection, and a thoughtful present for any loved one

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Immerse yourself in the rich flavors and aromas of our Scottish tea set of 4. Selected with the utmost attention, this set contains four delightful teas: heather blossom, whiskey, thistle, and Scottish breakfast tea which are perfect for enjoying tea in the style of the Scottish. From strong and robust aromas, to smooth and soft ones, this tea set has it all!
What makes it even more special is its culturally-inspired packaging. Our teas come in a box displaying significant Scottish motifs, depicting the unique scenery of Scotland. The thistle is the national flower of Scotland and represents courage as it is believed to have helped the Scots win battles against the Vikings. The proud stag symbolizes power in Celtic mythology. Cutely displayed on the side of the box, the Highland cow is a special cattle species that can be found in Scotland. This wooly animal is widely appreciated by locals and tourists alike for its friendly behavior and adorable appearance.
The tea box is adorned with traditional Scottish tartan patterns which celebrate the textile industry of Scotland. The teas are made with natural ingredients only, creating strong, authentic aromas that allude to the tea traditions of Scotland. This set is not only the perfect addition to your kitchen but a piece of Scotland within your tea collection!