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Edinburgh Scottish Teabags Tea


■ Scottish black tea infused with thistle blossom, creating a rich and robust flavor, ideal for starting your day
■ Our tea comes in a lovely box designed with tartan pattern and thistles celebrating the vast cultural heritage of Scotland
■ Comes with 25 tagged and enveloped tea bags (approximately 1.76 oz), perfect for enjoying this strong beverage with your loved ones
■ Makes a great addition for your next tea party or a lovely Scottish-inspired gift for any tea enthusiast


If you enjoy the robust flavors of strong tea, or wish to host your next tea party in Scottish style, our Thistle Tea is just what you need! This attentively selected tea has rich notes of thistle blossom that will impress anyone. Our Scottish tea is perfect for starting your mornings with a boost of energy.
The 25 tagged and enveloped tea bags, measuring approximately 1.76 oz, come in a culturally-inspired box that offers a touch of authenticity. The tartan design displayed on the package is a celebration of Scotland’s textile industry. This widely appreciated pattern was first used by Scottish clans, as a way to identify each of them. The thistles adorning the box are a representation of courage. This thorny flower is Scotland’s national emblem, surrounded by tales of Scottish bravery in the battles with Vikings.
The box has brewing instructions that will guarantee the best flavors of this special tea. Get the taste of Scotland with our lovely thistle tea! It also makes an ideal Scottish-inspired gift for your friends and family.