Royal Tara

Celtic Ireland Tea bag holder


■ Bone China: This teabag holder is crafted from bone china, a quality material that offers durability.
■ Irish Design: At the center of this teabag holder is the word “Ireland” in a colorful Celtic font accented with a green shamrock flower, the Irish national flower.
■ Celtic Knots: Celtic knots were a notable part of Celtic life, as their infinite loops signified the never-ending love that Celts had for loved ones, especially those far away.
■ Dimensions: This teabag measures 4 ¾” wide by 3 ¼” high, making it a great size as a tea party accessory.


Show off your love for Ireland at your next tea party with this Celtic Ireland teabag holder! Made of quality bone china, this Irish Tea Bag Holder is durable, chip-resistant, strong, and incredibly beautiful. Bone China porcelain also lasts for decades, so you can be sure that this Teabag Holder will retain its shine and glamor for a very long time.
A colorful design decorates this teabag holder; The word “Ireland” stands out in a multi-colored Celtic font that is paired with a green shamrock flower. The shamrock is the national flower of Ireland and also a symbol of good fortune. Shamrocks are also religious symbols, as it is believed that Saint Patrick used this clover’s leaves to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish. Bordering the word “Ireland” are ornate Celtic knots in a vibrant red and yellow color scheme accented with green swirl circle designs.
Celtic knots were ever-present in Celtic life, as their loops represented the infinite love the Celts had for one another. Measuring 4 ¾” wide and 3 ¼” tall, this teabag holder is a charming accessory for any tea party.