JC Walsh & Sons Ltd.

Traditional Irish Shortbread Shamrock Biscuits


■ Pure butter shortbread cookies in traditional Irish shamrock shape

■ Features a metallic tin that preserves the taste and aromas of the cookies

■ The tin stores 6.34 ounces of cookies, ready to be shared with family and friends

■Makes a great Irish gift, bringing the taste of Ireland closer to you 


Bring a piece of Ireland into your home with our Connemara cottage tin of biscuits. Displaying great attention to detail, made from tin, this container is suitable for storing and keeping biscuits or other snacks of your choice, fresh for a long time. This cottage tin comes with delicious shortbread biscuits that make great treats to go along with your tea or coffee. The 4 ¾ inches long, and 3 ¾ inches wide tin is reusable and can be used for storage or as an Irish decoration. The cottage shape resembles the architecture in the Connemara region of Ireland, famous for its rocky landscapes and unique marble. The rustic cottage, with colored window sills and a cute door, will make a meaningful addition to your home. The picturesque feel of this piece, featuring an Irish man with a pipe, is a lovely practical and decorative item that will both celebrate Connemara’s culture and capture your guests’ attention. Whether you wish to have an impressive decoration for Saint Patrick's or to simply enjoy Irish-inspired pieces, this shortbread container is an excellent choice.