Castle Arch Pottery

Atlantic Blue Celtic Pottery Mug


■ Our Cobalt Irish Pottery Mug is a highly durable item, carefully created by shaping clay on the potter’s wheel and coated with glossy, lead-free glaze.
■ The mug is designed with functionality in mind, incorporating a practical, wide base, narrow rim, and a handle that is comfortable to grip.
■ This exquisite item was meticulously handmade in the heart of Ireland, elevating it to a cherished keepsake that celebrates Irish traditions.
■ Measuring 4” x 3.5” in diameter and holding approximately 10.1 fl.oz., the mug is large enough to allow you to enjoy a generous serving of coffee.

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If you want to bring a subtle touch of Ireland into your home while sticking to your sense of style, our Cobalt Irish Pottery Mug is the perfect option. Each mug is brought to life by the skillful art of shaping clay on the potter’s wheel, resulting in a sturdy item that can be used every day. This process finishes with a coating of glossy, lead-free glaze that creates variations in color and pattern that make every mug authentically stunning. The design combines a wide base, which adds stability, a narrower rim, and a handle that is comfortable to grip. These elements are brought together in a mug colored in a mesmerizing cobalt blue. The rich shade, with its intense vibrancy and depth, adds to the mug’s exquisite beauty. Because it is handmade in Ireland, this mug is more than a functional item of gorgeous design, as it will carry a fragment of Irish legacy into your home. At 4" in height, 3.5" in diameter, and a capacity of approximately 10.1 fl. oz, it is a generously sized mug that still fits comfortably in the hand, suitable for various beverage preferences - from your morning coffee to your calming evening tea.