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Irish Blessing Wall Art Print


■ The Double-Matted Print is available in a Rustic Pine Frame, a naturally resistant material that keeps the print in good condition, with gilded patterns on the edges for an atmosphere of exuberance.

■ The print features the iconic Irish Blessing written in the style of medieval manuscripts, in an aesthetically natural design in the color of the Emerald Isle, becoming an expression of spiritual hope.

■ Featuring the authentic Kevin Dillon calligraphy, the print is the perfect gift for people interested in their origins.

■ The frame measures 9” in length and 11” in height, being suitable for hanging on the wall as a constant reminder of your heritage. The print also comes unframed, measuring 8” x 10”. 

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May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back. Our Irish Blessing Print features the iconic Irish Blessing, a true expression of spiritual hope. The written verse beautifully synthesizes positive energy, bringing faith into your home. Written in the style of medieval manuscripts, the illuminated calligraphy authentically marks Kevin Dillon’s talent. What’s more, the print is embellished with the artist’s seal in red wax. The aesthetically natural design with vine patterns makes the print a true expression of the beauty of the emerald countryside. The print is double-matted and comes in a rustic pine frame, which keeps it in good condition because of its resistance to shrinking and swelling. The gilded decoration on the edge of the frame creates an atmosphere of exuberance. Available in a frame that measures 9” in length and 11” in height, or unframed (8” x 10”), the print can be hung on your wall as a constant reminder of your heritage.