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Round Stained Glass Slainte


■ The stained-glass material is both strong and durable, giving the decorative panel its authenticity and uniqueness
■ Every piece of the lovely panels comes with a hook for hanging, a practical and considerate inclusion from the manufacturers

■ The designers of the piece have creatively included the use of Celtic patterns, paying homage and tribute to the Irish origins

■ The lovely outstanding panel comes from one of Ireland’s finest producers, Royal Tara, a household name in the industry

■ The beautiful panel measures 16 cm in diameter, large enough to be displayed correctly in any room


Making our living spaces more welcoming, lively, and bright is a crucial component of why home interior design is such a booming business globally. People are particularly interested in how their homes appear, trying so much to impress their guests. Many items are essential in completing the interior decoration of any home. Some of the things that should not miss in your dream home and that will impress your guests are artifacts, which come in various shapes, sizes, and varieties. The Irish people have over the years including the use of unique, authentic, and beautiful plates, plaques, or frames in their interior décor. If you are looking to make your home one of the positive vibes and well wishes, do so by adding to your collection our lovely Round Stained Glass Slainte Panel.

The lovely piece of art is beautiful and unique and will brighten up your room with an addition of class and style. The marvelous panel can also perfectly serve as a beautiful gift to your friends or family, who are bound to be impressed not only by its artistic description but also its outstanding beauty. Product design and style The designers of the beautiful Round Stained Glass Panel have not disappointed in their craftsmanship of the lovely piece. Every little inch, every curve, and turn of the marvelous panel speaks of nothing less but perfection. This gorgeous hand-painted stained-glass panel glows in bright shades of green, yellow, and blue that are complemented by elaborate Celtic Knot patterns. The use of the Celtic Knot patterns pays homage to the Irish traditions, culture, and religion, endearing the lovely piece to many Irish people in Ireland and across Europe.

The models pay tribute to the vast Irish origins, giving it an authentic and unique design and style, in celebration of the enormous Irish heritage. Featured uniquely in between lovely Celtic borders is the Irish toast “Slainte” in a beautiful Celtic script. Slainte means "good health" and can also translate as "to your health," as is commonly said during fun times with drinks, family, and friends. The lettering and wording on the panel are beautiful and easy to read from an angle.

The Round Stained Glass Panel comes from one of Ireland’s magnificent, acclaimed, and recognized excellent china firms, Royal Tara. The company, over half a century in existence, has created a name for itself, mainly due to the unique and fantastic artifacts in production over the years. Specializing in the production of excellent bone china ornaments and products suited for tables and giftware, the trust, belief, and demand of their products globally shows how incredible Royal Tara is in Ireland. Royal Tara products mainly feature intricate and beautiful Celtic patterns, paying tribute to the origins and base of the firm, Ireland. Products from Royal Tara include Irish plaques, cups, decorative ornaments, and wall hangings, of which the Round Stained Glass Panel falls.