Ladies Long Sweater Jacket

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  • 100% Merino wool makes for a silky soft sweater that you will love to wear everywhere, every day--from office to evening, and everywhere you go.
  • In stunning natural and charcoal shades, you can’t go wrong in finding the color that suits your style and complements your look.
  • Available in sizes S through XL, our sweater jacket is crafted to hang long and flatter all shapes and sizes. Perfect for yourself or as a gift for someone you love.
  • Deep, cozy pockets add a practical detail--sure to keep your hands warm no matter the circumstances, and convenient for protecting your phone or keys.
  • Classic Aran stitching provides texture and depth to the luxurious Merino wool and wraps you in both warm comfort and ages of Irish tradition.


Manufacturer: Aran Crafts

Cardigans are the absolute best, and you will absolutely adore our Ladies Long Sweater Jacket--it’s sure to be your new favorite! Our gorgeous sweater jacket is the perfect piece to round out your wardrobe--soft, cozy, warm, and versatile. Not only will you look great in it, but you’ll feel amazing when you wear it, both inside and out. Our sweater jacket is soft and luxurious to the touch, crafted from 100% super soft Merino wool, so that you get the ultimate in comfort. An open front design adds a touch of easy going, laid back sophistication to this fabulous style. Cozy pockets add a practical detail that are perfect for storing your phone or keys (or even just keeping your hands warm). The broad cascading lapels add a striking detail to our sweater jacket, and provide a unique, eye-catching detail. Long lines of cable stitching signify wishes of good fortune, and draw the eye in a vertical line, making it extremely flattering. The shirt tail hem lends a feeling of tapering and adds to the easy going feel of the piece as a whole. Our sweater jacket is available in two striking colors--natural and charcoal--that will look great on everyone. Pair it with slacks to wear to the office, or with leggings or jeans to wear at home or around town. You can dress it up or dress it down--this gorgeous sweater jacket is perfect just about everywhere. Make this piece part of your everyday look, or give as a gift to family or friends! Everyone is sure to love such a unique, elegant sweater. Why is Merino wool special? Merino wool fibers are naturally long, making for strong fibers and super soft yarn. Not only is it super soft, but it does not give you the itchiness that many people associate with wool. Because Merino wool has longer and finer fibers, it is more flexible than other types of wool, and moves easily with you rather than poking the skin uncomfortably (which results in the itchy sensation). This softer quality wool makes it a comfortable choice in all kinds of settings, and the perfect choice of material for this ultimate cozy sweater. Aran stitching is a unique style of knitting characteristic to the Aran Islands, found at the mouth of Galway Bay. While these knitting patterns are reflections of a life on the sea, each particular stitch tells its own story to create a cohesive whole. Our Long Sweater Jacket features variations on the cable stitch, which calls to mind the ropes used by fishermen, and their hopes for safe voyages and good days at sea. The large chunky patterns create a depth and texture in our jacket that creates a piece that is unique, classy, and steeped in Irish traditions. 

Product Features We Adore

Cascading Lapels

The Cascading lapels give it a striking sophisticated look!

Aran Stitching

Stunning large cable stitching!

Shirt Tail Hem

Creating a laid-back, tapered look!

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