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Mucros Weavers Irish Fishermans Cap Black


■ Fisherman’s Cap
■ 100% Waxed Cotton
■ Waterproof
■ Mucros Weavers Collection
■ Made in Ireland



If you’re looking for an everyday hat that is different from the common baseball cap, add this Mucros Weaver Irish Fishermans Cap Black to your accessory collection. This cap is full of Irish spirit and character that will have anyone standing out in style. It is made of 100% cotton for comfort and breathability.

This cotton is finished off with wax to make the hat waterproof, so that it will hold up and keep your head protected from the elements on a rainy day or if you’re out sailing or fishing on a boat. This hat is designed in a traditional fisherman’s hat style, with a bucket-shaped frame that fits securely on the head and a front brim that gives it a contemporary touch.

Rugged and sharp, this hat will add some charm to any outfit and is versatile enough to wear with casual and business casual looks.

Make it a gift for a man in your life with unique style!