Mucros Weavers

Plain Black Driving Cap


■ Skilfully crafted from Premium 100% Black Wool for long-lasting
warmth and durability
■ A sleek peak-style flat cap with a robust shape and sewn fastening
■ Authentically made and designed in Ireland by Mucros Weavers
■ For the best results, please dry clean only


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This Black Wool Driving gentlemen's cap is a sleek and classic piece that has a timeless vintage feel. This style has been around for centuries and that is not going to fade away no matter how much time passes and this gives it a unique and authentic appeal. It features a sturdy build for a more robust shape, this durable cap is made of 100% wool, which makes it breathable and comfortable to wear in any season!

For extra comfort and versatility this cap comes with sewn fastening and luxurious quilted lining. The rich black color makes this cap a classic and versatile item you can easily match with any look and play with various combinations. Featuring fine Irish craftsmanship that is finished to perfection, this cap will complement any color and style and is an essential top-off to any outfit!

This is a cap that you will pull off no matter your age, your face shape or your style. The only thing that matters is to wear it confidently. If you like this sleek and gentlemanly style, make this cap the next addition to your wardrobe!