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Irish Money Clip Golf Bag Stainless Steel & Pewter


■ Stainless Steel & Pewter Money Clip
■ Stainless Steel Clip
■ Golf Bag Pewter Medallion
■ Mullingar Pewter Collection
■ Made in Ireland

P103 Golf Bag

Genuine lovers of the sport of golf like to show if off in modern, stylish ways, and they can do that with this Stainless Steel & Pewter Irish Golf Bag Money Clip. The clip itself is made of stainless steel, an iron alloy known for its great strength and corrosion resistance, so this clip is one that provides quality and durability that will last through the years.

Decorating the front of the clip is a circular medallion made of pewter, which is a tin alloy that is also durable as well as tarnish-resistant, so it will maintain its look over time. Displayed on the medallion is a golf bag filled with golf clubs in an antique finish that creates a nice vintage effect. This money clip is a one-of-a-kind accessory that is full of charm and character. Make it a Father’s Day or birthday gift for a family member or dear friend!