Men's Irish Half Zip Cardigan


■ Made out of 100% High Quality Merino Wool ensuring a soft feel, coziness and comfortably during the cold seasons
■ Stitched with traditional Aran stitches: diamond, cable and basket stitches that add texture and symbolism
■ Designed with a stylish shawl collar neckline and a slightly off center zipper closure
■ We recommend you hand wash this cardigan and dry it flat on a horizontal surface for long term maintenance



Our Aran Cardigan will keep you warm and fashionable while celebrating your Irish culture. This cardigan combines comfort with style and tradition and creates a one-of-a-kind piece because it is made of 100% Merino Wool and it is also stitched using traditional Aran stitching. Aran stitches have been present in Irish history since ancient times and they were used to represent fishermen's good fortune at sea. Each stitch has a different meaning to it and the combinations make the sweater more of a cultural piece. Featured in this sweater is a mix of cable, diamond, and basket stitches and as a finishing touch, a shawl collar for added elegance. The shawl collar can be worn upside or down depending on the warmth you need and it offers variety to this cardigan’s look.