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Purple Patchwork Cardigan

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  • It is authentic. This cardigan is a product of the oldest knitwear manufacturers in Ireland. It is handmade using pure merino wool that is ultra-soft, warm and comfortable
  • It has a beautiful luxurious color and texture that gives it an elegant look
  • It is stylish as it features different designs like the high-neck with a button detail that blends with the traditional Aran sweater style
  • Our stylish cardigan has a high neckline that keeps the neck warm even on days just a little too warm for a scarf but not warm enough you don’t need extra coverage
  • Our exceptional Purple Patchwork Cardigan is available in sizes small to X-large


Manufacturer: Boyne Valley Knitwear

The purple patchwork cardigan features comfort and sophistication. Its vibrant and luxurious purple color adds class and elegance to this cozy piece. The cardigan is made purely from merino wool. This soft, natural wool has been used to make sweaters in Ireland for centuries. The wool, which contains proteins and other natural compounds, has porous fiber that helps to control body temperature. During the cold seasons, the wool keeps you warm by trapping air inside its fiber and hence the air acts as an insulator. Unlike synthetic fabrics that leave you sweaty in warm weather, the porous fibers in merino wool allow sweat and moisture to pass through and hence leaves you dry. The purple patchwork cardigan is, therefore, fit for any season. This cardigan is also made up of three beautiful Aran patterns, namely; cable, zigzag, and diamond patterns. These patterns originate from the Aran Islands of Ireland and reflect the lives of the Aran people and the Island's landscape as well. Knitting was a popular activity among the Aram community, especially among the fishermen's daughters and wives. These women made sweaters for the fishermen out of the warm and soft merino wool in various decorative patterns that carried different meanings and messages. The diamond pattern represents the small fields that were owned and cultivated by farmers and is also a symbol of hope for wealth and success in these farms. The cable pattern made from crossing stitches over each other stands for the fishermen’s ropes and also represents prayers and good wishes in fishing. The zigzag patterns, also called Marriage lines, represent the shape of the Island’s cliff paths and are a symbol of the ups and downs in marriage life. The purple patchwork cardigan, therefore, does not only keep you warm and stylish but also tells stories of a community. The high neckline and oversize collar with a single button is another fascinating feature of the purple patchwork cardigan. The large collars and high neckline are not only trendy but also help to keep your neck warm. The cardigan also overlaps on the collar and below the neckline. This classic design is common among many vintage coats and clothing. The button detail on this collar and the overlap design also makes this cardigan unique and fashionable. Wearing this cardigan is a good way to look chic and also elegant in the cold seasons or at formal events. You can also wear them casually with a pair of jeans. The purple patchwork cardigan, therefore, combines various fashion styles with the rustic Aran style. 

Product Features We Adore

High Neckline

Gorgeous and unusual over-sized collar which keeps out the chill!

One Button

Single Big Button detail adds an sophisticated edge!

Aran knit patterns

Lovely cable, diamond, and zigzag stitching!

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