Ladies 3 Button Collar Coat

Was: $118.90
Now: $75.00

■ The coat comes from a Merino wool and Acrylic blend, which is super soft and comfortable
■ The coat comes in a three-quarter length, a stylish, unique, and outstanding look that stands out in a crowd
■ The inclusion of the asymmetric three-button collar gives the coat its identity, as it is exquisite and a practical, warm feature
■ The cable stitch knit, part of the traditional Aran patterns links the coat to Ireland, making it original and unique



An outstanding outfit is defined by the style and design, which includes the knitting patterns, and the material used in the making of the product. The combination of the design, style, and material need to pass through the hands of a professional and skilled craftsman to knit together a masterpiece. Winter wears some of the products that have been selectively designed to suit the cold weather. The ladies' winter wear, in particular, are designed with sophistication, uniqueness, and beauty in the mind of the designers. An outfit that is a mixture of the features that any lady would love to have in their perfect winter wear is our Three Button Coat. Our luxurious and cozy three-quarter length is the ultimate lady's choice, to spruce up that trendy, stylish, and chic, feminine look.

Every little piece of the Aran cardigan has been carefully thought of, from the intricate, sleek patterns, to the comfortable material, and the practical, skilled, and outstanding design and style. Whether on water or land, the folklore holds; you'll feel happy and confident in our gorgeous sweater coat! Incredible design and style Our beautiful coat has gone through the hands of professional and skilled designers, knitting together a masterpiece that leaves many people impressed and yearning to try it on. The loose-fitting sleeves are flattering and roomy, giving you comfort and warmth. The asymmetric three-button collar looks for sophistication, stylish and relaxed, making you stand out in a crowd! The inclusion of the deep side pockets is perfect for keeping your hands warm during the chilly winter months.

The gorgeous Irish wool cardigan is a product of the soft and cozy Merino wool that is comfortable and will help you survive the cold in style. Unique Aran Patterns The coat incorporates the use of the traditional Aran patterns that are unique and stylish and has a deep Irish roots connection. The Aran stitching has been around Ireland for ages now, a part of the Irish garments that can not be wished away. The patterns define the style of the Irish outfit and are designed for the ultimate warmth, giving you power over the slithering cold conditions of winter. The cable stitch pattern, featured in most Aran models, is designed to represent a fisherman's ropes- wearing a cable stitch symbolizes the belief that a fisherman would have a successful day at sea.

Our beautiful classic Irish cardigan will keep you warm and make you feel successful!