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Shot Glass-Sprig Shamrock

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  • Sprig Shamrock Shot Glass
  • Shamrock Gift Company Collection
  • Designed in Ireland


Manufacturer: Shamrock Gift Company

Make your next shot of Irish whiskey extra lucky by drinking it out of this Sprig Shamrock Shot Glass!

This clear glass is designed with the classic sleek, sophisticated silhouette of a shot glass, but it adds an elegant twist with a striking decorative design. On the front is an elaborate array of delicate white shamrock flowers that look like they are whimsically floating in the air.

Below the flowers is a ribbon label also in white that features the name ‘Ireland’ in a majestic Celtic font. The shamrock is the national flower of the Emerald Isle, and it’s a beloved symbol of good luck.

Ancient Celts also revered the flower because its three leaves reflected the significance of the number three in Celtic culture. Saint Patrick also used the shamrock to teach the Holy Trinity of Christianity to Irish converts.

Add this festive piece to your drinking glass collection!

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