Aran Woollen Mills

Carraig Donn Long Irish Cardigan

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■ 100% merino wool will keep you cozy and warm while avoiding the traditional itch of other wool varieties. 
■ Aran stitching in Cable, Diamond, and ZigZag patterns evoke the long tradition of the Aran Islands, creating a distinctive and unique piece you will love to have in your wardrobe. 
■ This item is made in Ireland by Carraig Donn, a respected Irish retailer that specializes in fashion, so you know you are getting the utmost in skilled Irish craftsmanship when you wear this sweater. 
■ Special accents include the one-button closure and relaxed draped collar, giving this cardigan a little extra sophistication while remaining flattering and fun to wear.


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If you love fisherman sweaters, this special cardigan is about to become your wardrobe’s go-to piece. It hangs a little longer than your usual women Irish sweater, making it an elegant companion for everything from jeans to leggings--it can go casual to dressy in no time flat.

100% Merino Wool
This perfect cardigan is lovingly made in Ireland from 100% super-soft Merino wool. Merino is a special type of Irish wool that makes for some of the most comfortable knits you will ever wear. The long fibers of the wool allow it to be woven into incredibly soft yarn that is incredibly comfortable next to your skin, and does not itch like traditional wool. Why, you may ask? Traditional wool has larger, broader fibers, which are more rigid and do not twist or bend very readily. When these traditional wool yarns are woven into fabrics used in clothing, these thick fibers prick the skin and cause that notorious itchy sensation.

Merino wool, however, is finer than traditional wool. With a smaller diameter fiber, Merino is more flexible (especially when woven or knit into fabrics), and does not itch when it lies against your skin. The finer fibers of Merino wool also enhance the elastic nature of the fabric, which means that garments made of Merino wool are better able to fit the shape of your body and last longer. It is the perfect wool for all kinds of sweaters, including this distinctive cardigan.

Aran Stitching
This Irish cardigan also exhibits a unique pattern that is inspired by the traditions of the Aran Islands, found in the mouth of Galway Bay. The farmers and fishermen of these islands created their distinctive knitting stitches as a reflection of their lives and their families, and each family zealously guarded their clan’s sweater patterns. There is even an official register of the various patterns used by the different clans on the islands. Each individual stitch pattern evokes a particular symbol or meaning, and you can find several of these patterns woven into this distinctive cardigan. The Cable Stitch is meant to be a depiction of the fisherman’s ropes, a hope for a fruitful and bountiful day at sea. The Diamond Stitch evokes the small fields of the Aran Islands, where the farmers worked to provide a good harvest for their families. The ZigZag work in this knit sweater is also a stitch often used in Aran sweaters, represents the twisting paths on the islands as they wind along the cliffs. In this sweater, the traditional patterns combine in a gorgeous patchwork to create something unique, classy, and steeped in Irish traditions.

Flattering Accents
Along with the carefully crafted Aran patchwork, this elegant sweater features distinctive accents that draw the eye and add a special something to the complete picture. An oversized flap collar gives it a relaxed feel while still maintaining a level of chic sophistication. The collar is accented with one bold button, which calls to mind both traditional buttoned sweaters and jauntily fastened capes.