Irish Hooded Fern Women's Cardigan

Was: $169.90
Now: $119.00

■ Manufactured from 100% merino wool, a soft and breathable material that will keep you warm during colder seasons and cool during hotter ones, due to its heat-insulating properties.

■ This coat cardigan features a knitted hood that provides an extra touch of protection in harsher weather. The side closing, designed with three elegant wooden buttons, allows you to layer and style this cardigan open or closed.

■ Designed with traditional Aran stitches, predominantly leaf stitches that offer a natural appearance and create volume, while the moss stitches represent abundance and a wish for a good harvest.

■ The shawl neckline of this cardigan combines style with comfort, ensuring a relaxed look while also allowing you to stay cozy.

■ Make sure you keep this piece in its best condition by hand washing it in cold water and drying it flat afterward.



Choose a unique piece of knitwear with our Aran Leaf Coat Cardigan for Women. Attentively crafted from 100% merino wool, a breathable and soft material with great heat-insulating properties, this piece is sustainable since it will last for a long time, and can be worn in both colder and warmer seasons. A staple piece for your wardrobe, this cardigan features a shawl neckline that will keep you warm and stylish. The side closing has three wooden buttons that allow you to wear this garment open, over a cute blouse or closed on chilly days. The knitted hood provides an extra touch of protection and warmth, as it can shield you from rain, or wind. This piece celebrates Irish culture with its traditional Aran stitches. The Aran stitches were first used by the wives of fishermen from the Aran Islands, to keep them warm but also to offer the knitwear a greater meaning. Each stitch has a profound significance, a lovely message for any wearer to enjoy. The cardigan is crafted with leaf and moss stitches that symbolize abundance and prosperity. The natural look of this piece, combined with its functionality, make it the perfect knitwear for your everyday wardrobe. Make sure you wash this piece in cold water and dry it flat after, to keep it in its best shape.