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Women's Irish Cable Knit Wrap Cardigan


■ Our Women's Irish Cable Knit Wrap Cardigan comes from Saol, a contemporary Irish knitwear company that modernizes traditional Irish patterns into contemporary styles.

■ The Merino wool blend cardigan hits at the hip and its material is incredibly soft and warm for the winter months.

■ The intricate cabled design is an homage to historic Aran sweaters and the cardigan is available in navy and natural white.

■ Ribbed patterns decorate the open front of the cardigan, the waist, and the cuffs, adding subtle and elegant details.

■ To clean your cardigan, we recommend hand washing in lukewarm water and laying flat to dry.



This lovely Women's Irish Cable Knit Wrap Cardigan is a contemporary update to a classic Irish sweater design and offers a clean and elegant open front instead of more traditional button closures. Irish sweaters have been iconic in the fashion world for years, and prior to that, they were a workwear staple for fishermen from Ireland’s Aran Islands. The islanders needed the thick cabled knits to keep them warm while working on their boats, and the sweaters were made with local sheep wool that was full of oily lanolin that made them water-repellent.

Today, these classic designs are seen everywhere, and Saol, an Irish knit producer, is a leading company that is taking traditional patterns and shapes and giving them a modern spin. Instead of itchy Irish sheep wool, this gorgeous cardigan is crafted from a soft and cozy Merino wool blend that is prewashed to ensure a perfect fit. The sweater hits at hip length and is offered in the traditional natural white of the original Aran sweaters for the traditionalists and in navy, for those who want a little bit more of a 21st-century version of the classic.

Large cabled patterns run down the front sides of the cardigan and down the sleeves. Many believe that different Aran knitting patterns had different meanings, and some say that cables like these represented the ropes used by the fisherman. The shorter length of this cardigan makes it a great layer under heavy jackets on colder days. The wool blend makes for easy care—hand wash in lukewarm water with a mild detergent and lat flat to dry.