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Carraig Donn Knitwear - Fringe Trim Scarf


■ Each of our Fringe Trim Scarves is 150 cm long and is available in a lovely winter white or ashy charcoal color. They are the perfect length to wrap around anyone’s neck without appearing overly bulky, and will remain as comfortable and warm as can be regardless of where your adventures may take you. 
■ Since 1965, Carraig Donn has stood as one of Ireland’s most popular and prolific brands of authentic Irish clothing. Each product the company ships is designed and created by hand at one of the country’s factories, or at its headquarters in County Mayo. To own a piece from Carraig Donn is an absolute treat! 
■ The wool used in the creation of our Fringe Trim Scarves is of premium quality. Carraig Donn does not spare any expense in securing the best materials used in their products, and this Fringe Trim Scarf is no exception.The moment you put it on, you’ll be a true believer in the comfort of wool. 
■ Our wonderful Fringe Trim Scarves are knitted by hand by Irish craftspeople at Carraig Donn who are absolutely dedicated to their craft. There has never been a more authentically Irish scarf than this, and you’ll believe the moment you lift it out of the box. It is a keepsake you’ll own for decades. 
■ Give the gift of wool this year to a deserving friend or loved one who you know will appreciate a bit of Celtic style for their cold weather wardrobe. Each time they wrap it around themselves, they’ll feel the same warmth and comfort offered by a scarf that they feel from knowing you.



Protect yourself from the cold Irish winds this fall and winter with one of our wonderful Fringe Trim Scarves from renowned clothing manufacturer Carraig Donn. Knitted from soft Irish wool, this white scarf features a traditional Irish knit pattern, stylish and fun tassels, and sports a comfy length which all combine to keep you nice and cozy when the weather becomes a little too chilly. Pair this incredibly made scarf with your favorite cool weather ensemble and evoke a strong Celtic flavor to your fall or winter wardrobe.

The incredible softness of this wool will astound you. Not only is it one of the most comfortable things you’ll ever wrap around your neck, the quality and sturdiness of the garment is truly something to be inspired by. It feels just like the scarves of generations past, when hardy Irish fishermen and coastal dwellers had to bundle themselves up against the harsh Atlantic winds and rain. That is because the design of our Fringe Trim Scarf is directly inspired by the Aran knit garments from centuries past, and it is made using the same materials and traditions. Additionally, the Aran-inspired cable and diamond pattern woven across the luxurious surface of the garment is also a nod to the traditional Aran stitch that first became popular among the Aran Islands of Ireland centuries ago. Carraig Donn, one of Ireland’s most popular brands of authentic Irish clothing, is a leader in offering quality garments that are 100% Irish made. The craftspeople, factories, materials, and design all stem from the Emerald Isle, giving you a unique opportunity to own a piece of Irish heritage and culture that you will not find anywhere else.

Everyone who sees you wear our Fringe Trim Scarf will be amazed by your sense of style, and the amazing finishing touch it adds to your outfit. This scarf is smart, stylish, and amazingly well made. It will serve as a trusted companion to you for many years to come, and you will definitely not regret ordering one of these finely made scarves for yourself or a special friend. These make wonderful wintertime gifts that will undoubtedly find a special place in the hearts of those who are lucky enough to receive one. Each time they feel its warm comfort they will be reminded of their special friendship with you.